Fire system protection system put in place by Pioneer Fire & Safety Company

Fire Protection On The Kenai Peninsula

A quality fire system inspection can be the difference between life and death. Prevention is our first line of defense, but if a fire does break out in your home or business, you can rest assured that your equipment will operate as designed when its being maintained by Pioneer Fires and Safety.

Early Fire Detection

Early fire detection is vital to the safety of the people in your establishment. Proper testing, inspection, and maintenance of systems can help save lives and property. To ensure you get the earliest possible warning in case of a fire, we suggest you follow four basic requirements of compliance.

  1. System component inspections.
  2. Annual testing and maintenance.
  3. Record keeping.
  4. Training and education for personnel.

Inspections, Repairs, And Maintenance

We can keep all your fire safety systems in proper working order, it's essential that you arrange for regular system inspection, we will come out and do a through inspection, checking for any faults or damages that may impede the equipment function ability.  

Sprinklers - Fire Pumps - Kitchen Hoods - Special Hazards - Fire Extinguishers Safety Equipment - Vehicle Suppression - Fire & Smoke Alarms - First Aid Stations Emergency Lights - Exit Signs - Eye Wash Stations.


Evacuation Planning - Fire Safety Risk Evaluation - Safety Equipment Documentation

Education & Training

Building Codes - Fire System Design and Operations - Fire Safety & Life Safety Code Compliance.